facility development

Without a facility, you can't control your culture! faciity development

To build a club brand that competes at the national level requires the right culture.  To build the right culture, you have to control your space, time, price and climate to effectively implement your training, values and other qualities that are the foundation of your culture.  

We are building 50 multisport sites over 10 years to help existing and new clubs who want to join the platform do just that.  If you have an existing club that needs a facility or looking to start your own club and want to be part of the journey, please contact us.

We will continue to update this page with more facility information as it develops.

In the meantime, please visit our benefits page. platform

Facility Solutions

  •  4 Court Multisport Facility
  •  6 Sand Courts
  •  eSports Studio
  •  Sport Performance Area
  •  Sport Performance/Science Offices
  •  Sport Medicine Offices
  •  adidas retail store
  •  1 Theatre
  •  2 class rooms/study halls
  •  1 Player Lounge
  •  Locker Rooms (male & female)
  •  Staff Offices
  •  3 Food & Beverage Providers
  •  Restrooms

Back Office Solutions

  •  Official Web Site
  •  Official App (iOS & Android)
  •  Online Registration
  •  Online Store
  •  Centralized Event Registrations
  •  Centralized Travel 
  •  See family/player related benefits here