about us

A historical synapsis


Sport Venture Group founded dot academy llc which trades today at in 2018 and wholly owns the company.’s mission is to become a national academy brand by developing 50 multisport facilities around the country over the next 10 years whose players, parents and staff are committed to training and competing at the highest level possible at all times.  The club started with volleyball as in 2019 season and expects to add Basketball and Soccer in 2020.

The first evolution of dot academy llc was which fielded a 15’s girls volleyball team that played in several national qualifiers and events in 2019.  The team won the power bracket of the Palmetto Volleyball Association Region tournament where is was also named the 2019 Club of the Year for Small Clubs.  

In 2019 it also announced and released the first designs of its multisport facility model and that it would be adding basketball and soccer in 2020.

On July 4th, 2019 dot academy rebranded from to to pursue its mission to develop multisport facilities nation wide while exploring merger and acquisition of existing clubs and launching new clubs with new market key stakeholders starting in 2020.

The academy has many global and national partners such as adidas, NCSA, Hudl, Vert and Drivn.