2020 Season Tryouts

NOTE: For players aged 14U and up we expect players that tryout want to play in college. Our mission is to prepare players for college by playing a National Open Schedule, Training at the highest level possible every chance we get, we Challenge players to compete for spots every day (we DO NOT guarantee playing time) and players travel independent of parents for National Qualifiers. If players (and parents) are not prepared to meet this standard, we are not for you.

Our 2020 Season Tryout dates are:

Girls 14U-

October 20
Town Hall Recreation Center
13U & 14U Girls 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Decision Day
Monday, October 28
Girls 15U+ / Boys

November 16
Park West Recreation Center
15U Girls 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
16U+ Girls 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Decision Day
Sunday, November 17 tryout policies
Only 50 tryout registrations per age group
14U- Early Registration closes October 13
15U+ Early Registration closes November 1
Late registration subject to availability
Late registration subject to $25 fee
Dates & Location Subject to Change

Palmetto Region Tryout Policies

  1. If you tryout for more than one club, you MUST complete this form.
  2. Offers may not be made until the tryout period for your age group begins which are October 19 for 14U- and November 9 for 15U+.
  3. All offers must be dated and in writing.
  4. If a club makes an offer, they CANNOT rescind that offer until Decision Day is over.
  5. You DO NOT have to accept offers until Your Decision Day which is October 28 for 14U- and November 16 for 15U+.
  6. You MAY accept an offer before Decision Day if you choose to.
  7. You MUST notify all clubs you tried out for immediately if you accept an offer from another club and update your USAV Webpoint status.
  8. After Decision Day, all offers are rescinded and non-binding. All offers thereafter are made without the above required rules.

There are a few steps you must take in order to tryout:

  1. You must register with USA Volleyball at prior to tryouts:
    1. Renewals:
    2. New Members: (Note: there is a new $10 tryout membership this year if you are not certain you will play this season.)
    3. If you do not play, this fee is refundable (you must notify the region within 5 business days)
    4. You need to bring the following USA Volleyball Medical Release Form Notarized to tryouts:
    5. We suggest that you select “undecided” status so that you can try out for multiple clubs. If you are trying out for multiple clubs you MUST select “undecided”.
    6. If you are trying out for multiple clubs, you will need to complete this form and take to each tryout.
  2. You must register as a Bronze Level member.
    1. This does not mean you are a player or have received an offer.
    2. It means you are a member of our volleyball community that entitles you to try out with provides you with a tryout y t-shirt, adidas volleyball discounts to our official store and access to Charleston Academy events we hold in the community.
      Learn more at our Membership Page or register here.
  3. If you are extended an offer you must upgrade your membership to Gold Status to officially accept your offer.